Eaton Language Services
Proofreading and editing services for international students

Eaton Language Services (ELS) offers a professional proofreading and copy-editing service. A native English-speaking editor can often be important when English is not your first language. We will check your work thoroughly, correct any spelling and grammatical errors that appear, and make suggestions about how to improve your writing in the future. We will make sure that your work is delivered to the highest standard possible. If you are undergoing a course of study at the UEA, College or other higher education institution, ELS can offer you help and advice with that all-important essay or dissertation.

“Thank you very much to Brian for his assistance. He always provides a prompt and flexible service and is always willing to lend a helping hand. I will definitely use his services again and I recommend Brian to anyone looking for a good quality proofreading service.”

Bakhan Muhammad, Msc Student