Eaton Language Services (ELS) was established in 2008 and it specialises in the learning and use of the English language and the promotion of cultural diversity. We are based in Norwich and pride ourselves in providing a top-class, friendly and professional service at all times. Whether you are an international student requiring help with examination preparation, or a foreign national requiring help with your English, then ELS is here to help you.

Learning English

Our primary focus is to promote the learning of the English language for foreign nationals living in the city, and those visiting from abroad. We aim to equip all our students with the skills that they need - whether it is going into further education, securing employment or simply for personal fulfilment.

English at Work

A new workstream that ELS has developed recently is to offer workplace learning for those companies who have foreign employers who need help with their English. Our ”English at Work” programme will help non-native speakers acquire the practical English they need to carry out their jobs more effectively, both for their own benefit and for the company/organisation as a whole.

Examination Preparation

We can provide specialist coaching and advice for foreign nationals and students looking for an internationally recognised English language qualification such as IELTS.


Eaton Language Services (ELS) offers a professional proofreading and copy-editing service. We will check your work thoroughly, correct any spelling and grammatical errors that appear, and make suggestions about how to improve your writing in the future.


Adjusting to a new life in the UK can be an exciting but daunting challenge for foreign visitors. Our mentoring service can offer specific guidance and help to those that need it.

Meet the Team

Our teaching staff are all properly qualified with wide-ranging experience in schools, education institutions and as personal tutors. The newly formed Agency organises introductory meetings with each new client/group of clients, discusses their learning needs in detail, and then matches them with one of the teachers.


“Brian has been my English tutor for three years. When I started lessons with him, I wasn't able to speak English fluently or write assignments for my university degree course. Lessons with Brian are very productive and interesting. Thanks to his help, I have graduated from the UEA with a strong 2.1 grade in my B.A.(Hons) degree, and I am now a fluent English speaker. I recommend Brian to everyone who wants to improve their English skills or look for a career change.”

Magda (UEA graduate)

“Brian is able to pass on his knowledge and experience in a way that greatly helps learners like myself. He is always well-prepared for every lesson, and always tries to make it as interesting and varied as possible. Even grammar is cool! Apart from that, he is always helpful, clear and patient. Brian is able to appreciate and notice the progress that a student makes and is a good motivator. He has worked to raise my standards with English, and is always pleased with everyone's success.”

Ola (English improver)